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Why Replacing Your Garage Door Before You Sell Your Home Is A No-Brainer

in Garage Door Installation by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

Are you thinking of selling your home? Any real estate expert will tell you that the best way to get top dollar for your home is to renovate it. Homeowners will spend thousands spicing up their home from the inside but will neglect their lot’s curbside appeal. Garage doors are the largest entrance to your home and if you aren’t in shape when open houses start, there’s a chance you’re missing out on some serious dough. It takes seven seconds to form a first impression and the garage door will be the first part of the home that potential buyers will see. To get the most when selling your house, consider installing a new garage door. 

Looks Matter

Curbside appeal is key to attracting buyers. Old garage doors, especially those that haven’t been maintained, can make your home look cheap and out of date. If your neighbors boast new, modern doors, your home will stick out like a sore thumb. Adding a new garage door will make your home shine on listings and will attract buyers who value looks. When installing a door, consider what you can do to make your front yard more appealing as well. Landscaping companies can revitalize the front of your home. 

Garage Doors Are A Great Investment

The average garage door will last a homeowner between 20 to 30 years. However, as the home changes hands, there’s a chance the new owner will have to install a new door as the old one begins to malfunction and deteriorate. A new garage door will attract potential homebuyers but it will also signal to investors that their asset won’t immediately start causing issues. A newly installed garage door implies security, safety, and strength. 

Installing a brand new garage door boasts a ROI of 93% according to a study done by Cost vs Value in 2021. Why? Because new homeowners put considerable value in not having to replace or renovate areas of their home immediately after purchase. A newly installed door likely won’t run into issues for several years and most can be offset if DIY maintenance becomes a priority. Beyond that, new doors boast impressive, modern security features like remote access which emphasizes safety. 

Installing a new garage door before you sell your home can increase how much profit you make and attract a flock of buyers, which could potentially lead to a bidding war. If you’re already renovating parts of your home before listing it, getting a new door is a no-brainer. Contact local, insured professionals to install the door. Be sure to leave their information with the new homeowners so they can contact them for future repairs should they arise.