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3 Advantages to Garage Door Replacements

The average garage door can last up to 30 years if it’s regularly maintained. More often not, garage doors can simply be repaired over time, with helpful additions like new garage door opener installations. On average, most people only need to replace a garage door 2 to 3 times in their life. And that’s likely if their current overhead garage door has turned useless because of rust, or if they’re doing home renovations and want to see something new. Garage door replacement is rare but when it happens, it can take a hit on the wallet. It’s an expense, one you’d probably prefer to spend on a family vacation or entertainment center, but there are plenty of advantages to this type of investment. It might not be the investment with the most fun, but it is actually one of the best for value.

There are more reasons to garage door replacement than just general wear or tear or rusting. In fact, a brand-new garage door installation can be a great way to upgrade your home, even if your current one is working just fine. 

Improve Home Equity

Studies show that garage door replacement has some of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home improvement projects. In fact, a new garage door of $1,500 tends to raise the value of a home by $2,500. If you are considering selling your home or having it reappraised, you might think about replacing the garage door. The garage door is the first thing potential buyers will see when they pull up in your driveway. It’s important to make a quality first impression, and a newly installed overhead garage door can do just that. Buyers will love the idea of coming home every day to a brand-new garage door that hasn’t been repaired in the past, or hasn’t even gotten a chance to be used much. Garage doors are used multiple times a day and can succumb to general wear and tear like most things in the home. A garage door replacement will single your home out, especially if you spring for a trendy design like a sleek, minimalistic glass garage door. Plus, you’ll walk away with more cash because of your simple upgrade. It really can be money in the bank.

Boost Safety

A new garage door can help make your home safer. First, technology has really improved and gotten so much safer over the last few years. Sensors can prevent the door from closing if anything’s underneath for example. Many doors come with home security features for better security. A garage door installation is a great investment in your family’s safety. Nearly 1 in 10 burglars enter through the garage. There are tricks thieves can use to access older doors, even if they are locked. Newer doors have security measures put in place that makes this nearly impossible. Brand new garage doors work well with “smart” garage door openers, which allow you the opportunity to open and close your door remotely. Coupled with security cameras and sensors, you’ll always know if there’s a threat near your door. A simple garage door replacement could save your life. If you plan on selling your home, a brand-new door with the latest smart tech will be a draw for buyers. Be sure to talk up safety points, such as how garage door apps can automatically connect you to police if a threat is detected.   

Increase Energy Efficiency

Is your energy bill getting higher as the years go by? There’s a strong chance that your garage door, the largest entrance to your home, is the reason why. If you have an older door with a garage attached to the house, you are wasting money on your energy bill, guaranteed. The insulation options for today’s garages are vastly superior to what was available just a decade before. Insulated doors control heating and cooling costs, saving you money every month. When installing a new garage door for insulation purposes, pay strict attention to R-values. A garage door attached to a home requires either a R-12 or R-16 value. When purchasing your overhead garage door replacement, speak with a salesperson to find a door that is known to be weather-proof, as well. 

Garage Door Installation

It goes without saying that you want your garage door replacement to be an investment that lasts long. When it comes to overhead door installation, seek out the most reputable companies in your area. You want to work with a company and installation service that is insured and licenced, so you won’t have to fret about the possibility of them damaging your brand-new door. A quality garage door service can also help you find the right door that fits your budgets or needs. Be sure to ask them about installing a brand-new garage door opener. It’s best that a new door works with a newly installed opener. If you plan on selling your home, leave the garage door installation company’s information with the new owners – they’ll appreciate being able to call them for any questions or concerns.