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24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair Service: We’re Here for You!

Need emergency garage door repair service? We can help. We offer same day and emergency house calls to the Elk Grove, California area. 5:30 in the morning just before you go to work? No problem. After hours or even the middle of the night? No sweat. Holidays like Christmas or New Years? We’ve got your back. Just give us a call, and we’ll come riding in on a white horse. We guarantee it.

Emergency Spring Repair

We do emergency garage door spring repair. It’s the springs that make such a heavy door easy to lift. When they break, you’ll realize how heavy that door really is. At 150 pounds, you won’t be able to use that door until it’s repaired. But we’re here for you, even in the middle of the night.

Broken Hinges or Rollers

Broken hinges or rollers not only affect how well the door opens, but if not repaired, can cause serious damage to the door itself. So you might be able to muscle shove that door closed, but this is still an emergency repair you don’t want to put off. That’s why we’re only a call away, 24/7, anytime you need us.

Emergency Opener Repair

So you might be able to live if your garage door opener gets broke, but wouldn’t it be nice to fix it today? Automatic openers make coming and going to work so much more convenient, especially considering some of the rain Elk Grove tends to get. We’ll have it fixed today, guaranteed. Don’t worry about it.

3 Common Types of Overhead Doors for Your Business Needs

As a commercial business, you need an overhead garage door to fulfill a number of requirements. It must be reliable, secure, durable, and functional. The door must also be visually appealing if it is customer facing, an emerging trend for restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. There are a variety of options that can meet these requirements, depending on your needs. Sectional doors are constructed from galvanized steel panels and can provide thermal isolation and sound protection. Aluminum glass doors are ideal if the door is located in an area you serve customers. They allow the natural light and can be opened or closed to accommodate the weather while still providing a connection to the outdoors. Rolling doors are an ideal option when space is tight.