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Installing a New Garage Door? 3 Types of Materials to Choose From

When you’re embarking on the journey of installing a new garage door, the first and most crucial question that arises is the choice of material. This pivotal decision will not only serve as the cornerstone of your project but also influence every aspect of your new garage door. It all comes down to budget considerations, your unique style preferences, and the practical functionality you’re seeking.

We’ll delve into the world of garage door materials and explore three common options. Each overhead door material its own set of advantages and considerations. By the end of this, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. With a professional consultation, you can choose the perfect material for your new garage door installation. Whether it’s steel, wood, or aluminum, your choice will have a profound impact on your garage door’s appearance and performance.

Wood/Wood Composite Is Appealing But Can Rot

Wood is by far the most beautifully appealing and natural looking of garage door materials. But it’s also one of the most expensive. Not only that — wooden doors tend to require more upkeep. They’ll need treated, sanded, and re-painted every few years. If not taken care of, the wood can also rot overtime. It susceptible to infestation from various bugs, including termites.

If cost is an issue, consider a wood composite door. This is natural wood blended with other materials to save money. It still has the same visual appeal, but for a lower price tag.

Steel Is Low Maintenance Perfect for the Harsh Winters

To get a door that will stand up to the harsh winter storms of Elk Grove, California, you’ll want two layers of galvanized steel, preferably at least 24 or 25 gauge. These doors don’t require as much maintenance as wood, but they can rust and are prone to dents. To avoid these issues, consider a steel door with an overlay of protective fiberglass. This will resist dents and prevent rust issues.

Aluminum Overhead Doors Are Light and Dent Resistant

One of the remarkable features of aluminum overhead doors is their lightweight nature. They’re an ideal choice for extra-wide double doors. You have the option to select aluminum doors with dent-resistant, laminated panels, enhancing their durability and longevity. You can also have full glass garage doors with an aluminum frame to let natural light flow through your space during the day.

The lightweight property of aluminum doors not only simplifies the installation process but is a practical choice for larger garage applications. Their resilience to dents, thanks to their laminated panels, ensures your door remains in pristine condition. This is true even in the face of potential impacts or everyday wear and tear..

Don’t skimp on this aspect of garage door installation. Choose the best option for your budget and have your door professionally installed.

An Investment Worth the Quality

Keep in mind that a new garage door installation is an investment — one that incrementally improves the value of your home according to how quality a door you invest in. In fact, the return on investment for a new garage door is 97%, virtually dollar for dollar, the highest ROI rating you’ll find for any home improvement. It doesn’t pay to be cheap.

If possible, budget your garage door for when you can afford it — say after tax season, for example. A new door may be a sounder financial use for your tax refund than a family vacation or a new boat, just saying.