Never Repair a Garage Door Cable Yourself

Along with the springs, your garage door cables are what creates the tension that makes lifting a hundred plus pound door so easy. These cables can fray or break, which can cause your garage door to become stuck.

The Danger

The important thing to understand about garage door cable repair is it is not a DIY job unless you are sure you know what you are doing. It’s a dangerous job. The door could come crashing down on you. In the case of safety cables, causing them to disconnect could also disconnect the spring, which could result in bodily injury or death.

Proceed at Your Own Risk

If you do decide to repair your garage door cables yourself, do so at your own risk.

Unplug the automatic opener. Use vice grips to block the door open on the track. Use a vice grip on the shaft, tightening just enough to loosen the cable. Be careful the other cable doesn’t come off. Otherwise, you’ll spend a frustrating afternoon putting both cables back on.

Pry the cable end off the using a screwdriver. Slowly loosen the cable and unwind off the roller, being careful not to scratch the door itself. Remove the cable.

Use a vice grip to pinch the end of the new cable. Filing it down will eliminate the clicking sound, which can be annoying.

Put the other end into the cable slot  downward and then upward towards yourself, holding the cable with at all times while wrapping it around the slot. Wrap the  cable until it is 3 to 4 inches short of reaching the place where the loop hooks onto the garage door.

Need Help? Call Us

If at any time you are not completely confident in what you are doing, give us a call. We offer same day and emergency service to Rancho Cordova area. We’d be happy to help.