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Overhead Garage Door Repair 101: Rods vs. Springs

Does your overhead garage door sag in places? It’s a sign of age and general wear and tear. Overtime, the door becomes harder and harder to open. One way to square them up is to add tension rods or to adjust the tension if you already have tension rods. You can buy them at most hardware stores, ask an associate for a recommendation if you’re having trouble finding a suitable one for your overhead door. The rods run diagonally from top to bottom corners. Tighten the turnbuckle at each rod to straighten out the door and voila, you’ve just repaired your own garage door! 

Never DIY Spring Repair!

While rods are fairly easy to repair on an overhead garage door, springs are definitely not something you want to mess with. Always call a professional when it comes to overhead door springs and cables. These components are under an incredible amount of tension. If they should suddenly snap, they can cause serious injury or even death. Always call a professional when it comes to spring replacement, repair, or inspection. 

Replacing Garage Door Springs Yourself Might Void Your Warranty

Most garage door systems come with manufacturer warranties. They exist to guarantee the performance and quality of various components, including springs. These warranties often specify that any overhead garage door repairs are carried out by authorized groups. If you attempt DIY repairs on your garage door springs and something goes wrong the manufacturer’s warranty can be voided. This means you could be responsible for all repair or replacement costs, which can be significant. 

A Spring Repair Can Cause Severe Damage

Overhead garage doors are heavy and operate under the tension provided by the springs. A common and dangerous scenario during DIY spring repair attempts is the release of this tension. The door will fall rapidly and unpredictably damaging both your garage door and anything in its way. It can result in severe property damage, including damage to vehicles, belongings, or the door itself. More critically, it poses a significant safety risk to anyone in the vicinity. Injuries from falling garage doors can be severe, even life-threatening. Trusting professionals to handle overhead garage door spring repairs minimizes these risks. While an expert is there, ask them about the benefits of adding an extra spring to your overhead door. It will be a relatively inexpensive installation and will help your overhead door’s lifespan.  

Always A Good Time to Consider an Extra Spring  

The potential benefits of adding an extra spring to your overhead door are worth knowing. Despite its seemingly small nature, this modification can have significant advantages. By adding an extra spring, the weight of the door is distributed better, reducing the strain on individual components. This redistribution of weight helps mitigate the wear and tear that commonly affects garage doors. You’ll help foster a longer lifespan for the entire system. Furthermore, the installation of an extra spring is a relatively inexpensive measure. Especially in comparison to the potential costs of frequent repairs or total door replacement. Consulting a professional during their visit for spring replacement, repair, or inspection is a great time to explore the advantages of adding an extra spring to your overhead door.

24/7 Emergency Overhead Garage Door Repair

We understand that garage doors rarely break at convenient times – if there ever is such a thing. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair to the Elk Grove area so you can go back to using your overhead door ASAP. Maybe you need to go to an important meeting in the morning and your car is stuck in the garage, or you don’t want to leave your car out overnight – whatever your situation, we can help remedy it. Don’t hesitate to give us a call day or night. All of our work is guaranteed and certified, so you can be rest assured that your automatic door won’t give you anymore trouble. Be safe. It’s always great to dabble in DIY repairs, if a job seems beyond your abilities, call in a professional to make sure it’s done properly.

How to Find a Garage Door Repair Company You Can Trust

Thinking of hiring a professional company to repair your garage door? Good idea! But keep in mind the quality available in local services can vary greatly. It’s important to work with a qualified professional who can fix the door correctly and for a good price. Talk to family and friend and see who they’d recommend. Check the company’s performance on Google and Yelp reviews, and research them through the Better Business Bureau. Are they licensed? Do they guarantee all their work? Do they have a physical presence in the Elk Grove area? How long have they been serving the local community? Do they offer 24/7 emergency repair service? Do your research beforehand to ensure quality service.