What’s the Average Cost to Replace a Garage Door?

How much will it cost to replace your overhead garage door? Just like for a new car, the price can vary widely, depending on size, quality, and the type of material you choose. Let’s take a look at some factors you should consider when deciding on installing a new garage door.

On average, garage door replacement cost is around $1,000, though you could spend anywhere from $750 to $4,000.

Choice of Material

When considering a garage door replacement, there are a variety of materials to choose from. Each vary according to durability, beauty, and cost.

Custom wood is popular for its natural look and beauty. They generally come in cedar, hemlock or mahogany. Wood doors do tend to have more maintenance issues because they’ll need sanding and repainting from time to time. There can be a danger of warping in cold weather, though that tends not to be a problem in Elk Grove.

Wood composite is a great way to achieve that natural look without breaking the bank. They are usually made from recycled materials, so they are also eco-friendly. Like a wooden door, they will need sanded and repainted from type to time.

Steel is by far the least expensive option when it comes to garage door replacement. You’ll probably want to consider installing an insulated garage door however of at least R-12. This can also help on the energy efficiency of heating and cooling the rest of your house.