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Need Garage Door Repair? Qualities to Look for in a Company

These days, there are so many options for garage door repair it’s easy to get confused. There are countless options for garage door service in Elk Grove. Some companies only have a presence in the Elk Grove community through a website. They contract all their work out — it’s not guaranteed or certified. There’s a lot to watch out for. Here are a few qualities to look for to make sure your garage door repair company will deliver quality service and garage door installations. You deserve quality garage door repair.

The Reputation of the Garage Door Repair Company

Thanks to the Internet, you can look up everybody online — the good, the bad, and the ugly of garage door repair. But don’t just go by their website. Read Google and Yelp reviews too. Chances are if somebody’s had a great or terrible experience with a particular garage door repair company, they’ll share it. Look for trends. One or two reviews may be the company or a competitor gaming the system. But with 10 or 20 5-star reviews, you can see the consensus for yourselves.

And don’t forget to check traditional sources like the Better Business Bureau. A shady company will have a negative rating. It’s a consumer tool that can save headaches. This way, you get the best repair options for your garage door.

Garage Door Repair Insurance and Warranties

Check into what kind of insurance they have. A professional garage door company will have a policy out for everything they do. Also look into what kind of warranties they offer. Do they guarantee all their garage door repairs? If something goes wrong, who’s liable? If an installation is botched, will they do a garage door replacement?

Experience and Years in Business

So many garage door repair companies are fly by night these days. How long has the company been serving the Elk Grove area? You don’t want them closing up shop when you need to use your warranty. Choose a garage door service that’s likely to still be around when you need them years down the road. Your next garage door repair may be covered by warranty, and you don’t want the company to have gone belly up.

24/7 Availability: Emergency Garage Door Repair Service

One critical quality of a trusted garage door repair company is 24/7 availability. Garage door repairs rarely happen at convenient times. But because we rely on our garage doors for so many of the conveniences of modern day life, we need them repaired right away when something does go wrong. That’s why any repair company worth its salt will offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair. If they don’t, find somebody who does. In Elk Grove, it’s a buyer’s market. You certainly have a wide selection of professional garage door repair companies to choose from.

How to Replace a Garage Door Trolley

Fortunately, replacing a garage door carriage (or trolley) is not very expensive. You can do it yourself with a few basic tools in about an hour. Remove the cotter pin from the cotter bolt that attaches that attaches the upper end of the door to the trolley. You can usually do this with a pair of pliers. Next, swivel the arm down. Then remove the bolt that attaches the outer end of the rail to the wall bracket with a socket and a ratchet. Remove the bolt and push the rail until there’s enough room to remove the carriage. Put a brand new trolley on in place of the old one and reverse your steps — reattaching the bolt, repositioning the arm, and reattaching the cotter pin. Test the door to ensure it works properly.