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Garage Door Opener Busted? Here’s What to Do

What’s wrong with your garage door opener? From our years of providing garage door service to our Elk Grove neighbors, we’ve learned that 9 times out of 10 the problem is remarkably simple. The batteries are dead in the remote. A fuse blew in the garage. The photo eyes are dirty or out of alignment. The transmitter needs reprogrammed. Every once in a while a motor will be burned out or an entire opener needs replaced. We’ve seen it all. Though we can make some suggestions over the phone, if your opener has a serious problem, we’ll need to make a house call to check it out for ourselves.

What to Do

There are a few things you can do on your own. Take a look at your antenna. Is it bent, missing, or out of alignment? This could be your problem. Wash down the antenna eyes with soapy water and see if that does the trick. Check the fuse box. Replace the batteries in your remote.

When You Need a New Opener

If the motor has a grinding sound, chances are you’ll need a new motor. If the opener is more than 10 years old, you might consider installing a new one anyway. Those openers have a lifespan just like anything else. It’s better to install a new one before the old one’s completely burned out so you’re not stuck.

Do You Have the Right Horsepower to Install on Your Garage Door Opener?

When choosing a new motor to install in your garage door opener as a DIY repair, it is critical to have the right horsepower. This can depend upon the size and weight of the door. Most standard doors in the consumer sector require a motor with at least ½ hp. Commercial doors likely require more, as much as .75 to 1.5 hp, depending on the size and weight of the door. Talk to a garage door professional.

But it really is a good idea to go above ½ hp for a commercial door regardless. This way, your opener can open and close your door quicker and with less strain. It won’t hurt the opener and by having a stronger motor it will require fewer repairs overtime.

Questions? Give us a call. We’d love to help!

Why Battery Backup Should Be On Every Overhead Garage Door

Does the overhead door on your garage have a battery backup power supply? Don’t wait for the power to go out to find out! In response to the intense wildfires in California, all garage door openers now installed are required to have battery backup. The law is designed to help in the event of evacuations during major weather events like wildfires. Regardless, a battery backup is still a good idea just for convenience sake. Power does go out, whether from a major storm, a bad transformer or a drunk driver taking out a power pole. With battery backup, you can always use your door — get to work on time, open the door at the end of a long hard day. Though it’s technically only required on newly installed openers, battery backup is still good to have. Contact your local garage door professional to look into an upgrade.