How to Troubleshoot a Faulty Garage Door Opener

It’s easy to take the convenience of your garage door opener for granted. Like water in the well, you hardly notice it until it suddenly stops working. Fortunately, the repairs for most garage door openers are fairly easy. You can probably troubleshoot the problem yourself. We’re here to help.

Power Issues

If the opener doesn’t work when either the remote or the control panel is pressed, odds are it’s a power supply problem. Nine times out of 10, the motor unit has become unplugged. Check the outlet and make sure the cord is still plugged in. Perhaps you’ve blown a fuse. Check the fuse box and make sure all connections are flipped on.

Could It Be a Burned Out Motor?

If you hear the motor clicking or humming, you’ve probably got a burned out motor. You can buy a new motor and have it installed yourself. There are plenty of YouTube videos to walk you through the process. And there’s no shame in call in a professional repair service for this garage door opener repair.

Check the Antenna

If the keypad doesn’t work, try moving close to the door. You may be out of range. It’s also possible your antenna became damaged by wind or a storm. Check the antenna to see if its upright and still attached. If the wall switch still works, chances are your remote or keypad needs new batteries.