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Service & Quality: The Quest for Garage Door Professionals

Most people don’t have a professional garage door service on speed dial — not like they do their doctor, dentist, tax accountant. In fact, most people don’t even think about their garage doors until there’s a problem — and then they don’t know what to do. Do you have a trusted garage door repair company you can call?

That’s why it’s great to have a game plan for garage door repair. Because chances are the door won’t open or close properly when you’re on your way to work. Garage door repair issues rarely happen at convenient times. Not knowing who to call can stall the entire repair process. Have a company in mind to service your garage door — and the problem can be taken care of while you’re at work. This is especially true for garage door springs repair when you absolutely must call a professional.

The Beauty of 24/7 Garage Door Service

That’s why it’s so important a company provide 24/7 emergency garage door repair service, 365 day a year. Whether it’s Christmas morning or 3 a.m., you need a solution and you need it now. Know who to call and they can get on your repair right away. Any professional garage door service worth their salt will make emergency house calls anytime.

Talk to Friends & Neighbors

One of the best ways to know a quality garage door service provider in the Elk Grove area is to consult your network. Talk to your friends, neighbors and local family about who they use for their garage door repair. Most homeowners have a garage, which means they’ve had the occasional problem. This way you’ll know where to find quality service and which places might rip you off.

The Danger of Garage Door Springs — Why You Should Call a Pro!

The first thing to understand about garage door springs is they are not a DIY job. Always hire a professional to fix or replace your springs. Your garage door weighs several hundred pounds. What makes it so easy to lift is the stored energy found in the tension of the springs. If a spring snaps, it does so with incredible force that can cause serious bodily injury or even death. A garage door professional has the experience, expertise, and industry tools to be able to replace your springs safely. It is a good idea, however, to visually inspect your springs every few months. Look for rust, slack springs, or brittleness. If you have any questions — give us a call. We’d love to help!