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Garage Door Off Track? Common Causes

When a garage door goes off track, it can be extremely dangerous. A garage door veering off track is a sign that a repair needs to happen as soon as possible. Stop using your door immediately as using it can pose a great risk, both to you, your loved ones, and the door itself.   Seeing as your overhead door weighs at least 100 pounds, it’s best to leave it be until an expert can come by. What’s more, by continuing to use your garage door when it has gone off its tracks, you can cause serious damage to your components as well as the door itself. Repairing a garage door will be far cheaper than having to install a brand new one. 

Doors going off track is a common repair for garage door repair companies. There are a variety of reasons as to why your door could go off track. Below you’ll find common reasons that could cause your door to go off track. Some are easily preventable and emphasize the importance of exercising caution while staying in your garage.  

You’ve Hit Your Door with Your Car

One of the most common reasons a door comes off its tracks is you hit it with your car pulling out of the garage. This damages not only the door itself, but also the components of the door, especially the tracks. Depending on how durable and strong your tracks are, there’s a chance that they can withstand a few blows. However, everything can get damaged, so it’s important to be patient and cautious when backing your car out of the garage. Should the tracks bend or damage, it can cause the door to shake or stutter. Not to mention that if a couple of rollers come off the tracks, the garage door can hang precariously from its cables. Don’t pull out of your garage until the door has been fully lifted.

Dirt or Objects Disrupt the Door’s Path

It’s easier than you’d think objects or debris to get in the path of a garage door. They can exert pressure on the door’s movement which can cause damage. As the door attempts to open or close, these obstacles disrupt the path, causing the door to veer off track. This misalignment can strain the rollers and tracks, leading to potential damage or even derailment. To prevent such issues, ensure the garage area is clear of obstructions and debris. You also need to clean the tracks on a relatively consistent basis. Consider it part of your regular household maintenance.

Misaligned Tracks

Like all components, the tracks of a garage door can be victims of wear and tear. If the tracks aren’t aligned properly or your tracks have bent, the door will probably come off its tracks. Some tracks are simply too cheap or flimsy to support the weight of a heavy door. They can also come out of alignment when the bracket that holds the horizontal tracks become loose and wobble as the door opens and closes. Unless you have experience with garage doors, don’t align the tracks yourself. Find the best door repair companies in your area to either replace or fix your tracks. 

Your Rollers Need To Be Replaced

There’s a chance your rollers need to be replaced if your door goes off track. Rollers can become worn out over time and not perform as efficiently as they used to. You might not even realize it but some of your rollers might be broken. The issue with this is that the added weight gets distributed onto other rollers to make up for the broken one. If this continues, your rollers will go through significantly more wear and tear than normal. Eventually, your rollers will become misaligned, which then forces your garage door to jump off track. If the rollers are the issue, speak to your garage door repair company about installing stronger rollers.

How To Fix Garage Door Off Track

If you’ve made it this far, it’s more than likely that your garage door has gone off track and you need to repair your door. As emphasized, garage doors are extremely heavy and difficult to tinker with. If you do not have the prerequisite knowledge, it’s not worth it to try and fix the door yourself. Instead, enjoy some peace of mind and seek out overhead repair and installation companies in your area to get the job done. Your garage door expert will also be able to point out other potential problems with your door or opener, which can help you get ahead of future repairs.    

What to Do If You Have a Broken Garage Door

If your garage door breaks, you have two choices: fix it yourself or call a garage door repair professional. Some garage door repairs are easy and can be looked up online. If the garage door comes off the track a little, you may be able to realign it yourself, for example. Garage door bottom seals are also a fairly easy DIY repair job. Anything to do with the springs, however, should be left to a professional. These springs are under an incredible amount of tension and can cause serious injury if they suddenly snap. A good rule of thumb is if there’s any repair you’re not confident doing, don’t attempt it. You could damage the door, injure yourself, or injure other people of the door isn’t repaired properly.