Easy DIY Repair Job: Attaching a Bottom Seal to Your Garage Door

A garage door bottom seal can definitely make it easier to keep your garage cool during Elk Grove’s notoriously hot summers. And it’s also an effective way to protect against intruding rainwater during the heavy rainy season. Sealing the bottom of your door also protects against pests such as nasty slugs, mice or other vermin.

Measuring the Door

Raise the door high enough to work under the bottom of the garage door. Measure the width of your garage door so you can purchase the right amount of seal for the bottom. Most seals run 9 to 15 feet depending on the brand. You’ll have to measure out the right length and cut it with a knife.

Removing the Old Seal

Remove the old bottom seal if your door already has one. For older doors, the bottom seal may be nailed in. Remove the nails with a hammer or crowbar.

If the seal is attached to a track, remove it from the track by pulling on one side. Slip in a new seal. Trim it to fit the right size of the door.

Applying the New Seal

If there is no track, unroll the bottom of the seal to the length of the door. Attach the bottom of the seal to the bottom using a nail or a screw, with the larger, sloped edge to the outside of the garage door and the flat part against the bottom of the door. Trim any excess material with scissors.

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. With a few purchases from a hardware store and a couple of hours in your afternoon, you’ve fixed your garage door.