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Keep Your Garage Door in Good Working Order and Extend Its Life with These Regular Checks

in Garage Maintenance by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

This is a brief checklist of easy things to keep in mind when you are either doing a routine garage door check, or just going in and out regularly as you go about your business. Developing a modest sense of what your garage door operation sounds and looks like can go a long way towards minimizing and correcting any developing problems. Most problems, if caught early, are no big deal to fix, and can often be taken care of on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


You can visually inspect several components, starting with the door itself. When the door is fully open and fully closed – is it sitting evenly, or is it slightly ajar? As you open and close the door, does it operate in a smooth manner, or are there moments of jerkiness? View the opening and closing motion from both the inside and outside of the door during this exercise. Take note of the springs at the sides (from the inside) – are they expanding equally/symmetrically? The answers to these questions can begin to give hints if a problem is developing, or not.


When opening and closing, does the operation sound smooth/consistent through the entire motion? Is there any evidence of grinding or otherwise alarming sounds? Take note of any odd vibrations or otherwise potentially loose hardware. Does the motor sound like it is straining at any point during the operation? Any odd or distressing sounds should be evaluated and addressed as soon as possible.

Maintain What You Can

Most maintenance can be reasonably done by anyone, while other components should be left to professionals. Things that can be relatively safely done include clearing the tracks of debris, replacing the weather stripping around the door, and of course the all-important regular wash and possible fresh coat of paint. Many folks may also opt to do the yearly lubrication themselves. When it comes to checking the high-tension cables, and even to some extent replacing rollers – you may want to consider consulting with local professionals.

Should You Install an Air Curtain in Your Garage?

If you spend a lot of time in your garage and leave your door open, especially during the summer, you should consider installing an air door. Simply put, an air curtain acts as a protective barrier from one area to another. They’re common in commercial settings, though they’ve become quite popular in residential settings. Installing air curtain will trap the coolness inside your garage, reducing your AC bill. The air curtain will also repel debris, dust, and mosquitoes from entering your garage. The air door can be installed just below your garage door and won’t interfere with the opener.