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Thinking of Installing a Cheap Garage Door? Why This Can Cost You Long Term

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Garage doors are very important to the intrinsic value of your home. That’s because curb appeal plays such a primary role in determining the resale value of your home. Even beyond that, it’s important to pick something that genuinely pleases you. When it comes to new garage door installation, quality and visual appeal matter. It may be tempting when budgeting a new garage door to go on the cheaper end. After all, garage doors are substantial investments. But the fact is a cheap garage door will cost you more in the long run. Cheap Garage Doors Lack Quality

Just like windows and doors, there are cheap styles but these cut corners when it comes to quality. Garage doors are no different. If you play your cards right, this new garage door should last 30 years. But you should aim to install  a garage door that will last a lifetime. When you think about it, garage doors see a lot of action. We use them 2 to 3 times a day — 1,000 times over the course of a year. Add that up over 30 years, and you need this garage door to function 30,000 times. Consider general wear and tear, rusty springs, and loose cables, and there’s a chance that if you go cheap, you won’t even touch 30 years, let alone 20. This doesn’t even factor in the actual material of the door itself, which could be more welcoming to dents and scratches than more durable options. A cheap door simply won’t have the kind of longevity that you would expect. 

Spend More — Get Better Choices

The fact is when you go the economical route on a new garage door your choices are severely limited. But you don’t need just any door. You need a new garage door that will complement other features on your property — the front door, the window trim, the overall house itself.

But when you spend a little more on a garage door, you have a wider selection of options to find the perfect door to complement your home. And this can substantially boost its curb appeal — which means a better property value in the long run. Install a door that speaks to your personality, as well as the trends of the time. Coughing up a bit more cash not only means more stylistic options but also better materials. Garage doors are really something that you can buy for life, so don’t fall into the trap of a cheap install.

Why Compromise Security?

It’s important to remember the role a garage door plays in securing your home. When you get a cheaper garage door, you are compromising the security of your home, not to mention the safety of your family. Quality doors are made of stronger materials. This can substantially cut down on the risk of theft and burglary — especially when you are out of town or away at work. Install something that is tried and tested, such as fiberglass or steel. Not only do they look great but they provide tremendous amounts of security. 

The cheaper you go, the more problems and worries that might pile up. The best course of action when it comes to installing a new garage door is to aim for something that can last as long as possible. And when it comes to actually installing the door, make sure you’re doing an adequate amount of research to find a company that is well-reviewed and has confidence-instilling testimonials. The same advice for picking a quality garage door extends towards the company you choose for installation. You should spring for professionals and experts that get the job done in one-go so you can spend more time enjoying your new door instead of constantly having to get it fixed. 

When Do Garage Door Springs Need Repaired?

How long do garage door springs last? Each spring is rated for a specific number of cycles. A cycle is considered the door going up and down one time. Your average spring is rated for about 10,000 cycles and will last 6 to 10 years, depending on how often you use your door. Eventually, your garage door springs will need to be replaced. Because the springs are wound tightly to provide enough momentum to open and close the garage door with ease, they can cause serious injury if they should suddenly snap. This is why you should always leave their repair to a professional. We have the tools and the expertises to do the job safely and effectively.