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Keep Your Garage Safe

in Garage Door Safety by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

Admit it, your garage is more than just a safe haven for your car. In fact, it probably houses your gardening tools, Christmas decorations, and maybe your work-from-home setup. You might have even converted your garage into your “man cave”, where you and your friends unite once a week to play cards or pool. 

Because of how versatile garages are, people will often leave their garage door wide open while they’re outside or maybe even to just let some additional airflow into the house. You might be inside the garage when leaving the door open, but there’s also the likely possibility that you’re stepping away from the area, which can potentially cause a variety of issues – some small, some large. It’s important to feel comfortable, but you wouldn’t just leave your front door unlocked and wide open, right? 

It’s always a smart idea to keep your garage door closed, even in situations where you think no harm can be done. Of course, the door should remain open during an emergency but when it comes to leaving it open for leisure or letting a breeze in, think again. 

Avoid Critters

You’d be surprised how leaving your garage door open for a few minutes could lead to some uninvited nuisances. Even in domesticated areas, there are plenty of animals roaming around trying to find food or shelter for themselves. This can lead to multiple problems for you including animals hiding underneath your vehicle, bat colonies, feral rodents, and raccoons getting into your garbage. Each of these problems can lead to quite a messy and potentially deadly headache for you. The last thing you want is rodents spending time in your garage, going through your stuff, and potentially shacking up there, eventually making their way to the rest of your home. 

Prevent Break-ins 

Your garage has two key points of interest from a security perspective; the door to the house which is probably left unlocked to the garage and anything of value. The prior is a security risk to both you and your family but the latter is much more common petty theft. Thieves can take note of your patterns and easily swoop in to grab whatever you have hanging around, potentially even stealing your car if they’ve got enough time. Too often homeowners forget that their garage is a major entryway, and the door should be closed as much as possible. 

Protect Yourself From The Weather

In the current climate, weather can change on a dime and if you have a habit of leaving your garage door open, you might return to cleaning. Keeping your garage door closed avoids the possibility of water flooding your garage. With strong winds, leaves and other debris could make their way in. Who wants to clean up a mess? Not us, and we doubt you want to as well!

Make it a point to keep your garage door closed as much as you can. Not only does a closed garage maximize security, but it also helps you avoid nasty critters and unexpected weather. Now, if your garage door is having a hard time closing, it’s time to consult experts to figure out what’s causing the issue. 

One of the Easiest DIY Garage Door Repairs

In most cases, garage door repairs are left to professionals and service companies. However, if you notice that your garage door is slower than normal and is making sounds, one of the easiest repairs you can do is tightening up loose bolts and components. Your garage door is made up of many moving parts and overtime they can become loose due to general wear and tear. Simply get a wrench and tighten up any parts on your overhead garage door for a simple, easy repair. Doing this every few months will maintain your door well and help it operate more smoothly