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Why Roll Up Garage Doors are Great for Residential Installations

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If you are considering installing a new garage door, it can be difficult to narrow down all the choices. One option that’s worth considering is the roll up garage door — a highly durable door that’s main advantage is reliability. These doors require extension garage door springs, which work to counterweight the door and give it proper balance. This helps the garage door feel weightless so opening is an absolute breeze.

A Highly Functional & Beautiful Garage Door

A roll up garage door is highly functional and aesthetically beautiful. These doors are made by joining metal slats, which makes it look like one piece. These doors can be operated and manually or with an automatic opener. Roll up doors are more commonly used as overhead commercial garage doors, but they can be installed in residential garages as well.

With a push of the button, the door automatically wraps up. The beauty of roll up openers is they close into confined spaces, leaving you more overhead room for storage. When closed, it’s almost as if the door isn’t even there. This is a new and appealing trend in garage door installation that’s worth considering.

There are Several Great Options for Overhead Garage Doors Materials

There are several different materials available, each with their own pros and cons. Steel roll up doors are a popular choice for their durability and strength. They provide excellent security and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Aluminum overhead garage doors are lightweight and corrosion resistant. They’re ideal garage door materials for a warmer climate like here in Elk Grove. They are known for their modern and sleek appearance, providing a contemporary touch to a home’s exterior. 

For a classic and timeless look, wooden garage doors are an excellent choice. Wood doors add warmth and character to a home’s facade. Fiberglass roll up garage doors offer the appearance of wood without maintenance concerns. They are resistant to warping, cracking, and rot, making them a low-maintenance option. Vinyl roll up garage doors are durable, moisture-resistant, and require minimal maintenance. They are available in a range of colors and finishes, including wood grain patterns. 

Your Door Can Be Customized to Your Needs

Roll up garage doors can be customized with a wide range of colors to match the home’s exterior palette. Homeowners can opt for popular neutrals, bold accent colors, or even custom color matching to achieve their desired look. You can also customize the hardware and accents on the garage door to suit your home’s architectural style. Options include decorative handles, hinges, and decorative straps that add a touch of elegance to the door’s appearance.

Garage Door Repair 101: How to Fix a Garage Door Off Track

If your garage door has come off its tracks, you might be able to repair it yourself if not too much damage has been done to the tracks or the garage door itself. Start by detaching the automatic garage door opener. Open the door partially until you get to the point the door came off track. Secure the door in place using vice grips. Using pliers, pry open one side of the track along the point the roller came off. Slide the roller back in place. Repeat this process for every roller that came off track. Once all rollers are safely back inside the track, you’ll need to gently bend the track back into place using a soft rubber mallet so you don’t dent the track. Open and close the door manually to check if the door is back and running smoothly again.