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Which Automatic Gate is Right For you? 

in Garage Door Installation by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

Gates are extremely popular security methods for both residential homes and commercial businesses. If you add motions sensors and cameras, you’ll have a fantastic safety setup that will deter even the most experienced troublemakers. Gates can stop intruders from getting onto your property and they also allow you to vet anyone and everyone who wants to enter the premises. 

Gates are also extremely heavy and can be a pain to open and close manually, requiring you or your visitors to get in and out of your vehicle. This can look poorly if you’re a commercial business who frequently has customers and clients coming in. To keep your home or business secure with ease, install an automatic gate opener that does the heavy lifting for you. Before you hire a gate installation company to make your life easier, understand the different types of gate styles that are available. 

Swing Gates 

Swing gates are some of the most popular on the market. They open just like doors, either inwardly or outwardly. Both sides of the gate can open or just one side, depending on how big the vehicle entering is. Swing gates are relatively cheaper than other models as they only require a motor and hinges. Because of the way they function, automatic swing gates will need significant clearance to open, so speak with your door installation company to confirm if you have the space required. While the extra space can be an issue for some, the good news is that swing gates can be maintained easily, as you’ll only need to clear it for debris. The best automatic gate openers for swing doors are linear ram motors. 

Sliding Gates

Though swing gates are popular, they do have a classical look that may feel outdated for some. Another viable gate design is a sliding door, which rests on a track to open and close. Unlike swinging gates, sliding doors don’t require much room for clearance as they run on a track. Infrastructure is key for sliding gates, as the automatic door will need to touch a wall or fence to function. If you’re environment doesn’t support a track to run parallel, you’ll have to purchase another type of gate.  A sliding motor will be needed to install this gate style. 

Installing an Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic gate openers are significant investments that make your property more secure, which means the installation of a gate shouldn’t be an afterthought. Spend time with the best gate and door installation companies in your area to produce a strategy for the best door style. A reputable company will help survey the grounds to ensure a gate opener can be practically installed and can also help advise on potential doors to purchase. Should anything go wrong with your automatic gate opener, they’ll be able to regularly maintain and repair it.