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What to Do if Your Garage Door is Making Popping Noises

in Garage Maintenance by elkgrovegaragedoorco

A new garage door should open smoothly — it definitely shouldn’t make a loud popping or banging sound when it opens or shuts.

Except that yours does. Yes, it’s a problem. Let’s get to the bottom of it and find a solution.

Any popping sound from your garage door is a sign there’s an issue that could lead to rapid wear and tear if you don’t address it. Ignore it, and you could have an expensive garage door repair issue down the line.

Why is Your Garage Door Making Popping Noises?

First, open your garage door and inspect the tracks for any gravel, dirt, or dust. Check the rollers. Make sure the wheels are round and in good condition — free of flat spots.

It’s a good idea to lubricate your rollers with an approved garage door lubricant. Then run your garage door and see if it’s still making noises.

If that doesn’t do the trick, check your hinges next. Check that the roller bolt on the hinge is exactly perpendicular to the track. Make sure the hinges are securely fastened to the frame.

Tighten the bolts. Use a rubber mallet to even out any minor twists in the door panels.

Run the door and see if it opens smoothly.

If your door is still making loud noises, check the belt or chain of your garage door opener. Make sure it’s in good condition.

You should also lubricate the garage door spring.

If your garage door is still making noise, contact a garage door repair professional. You’ll want to fix the problem before any serious damage happens to your garage door.