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Tired of Package Theft? A Smart Garage Door Opener is the Answer

Online shopping’s amazingly convenient. Amazon has become the modern day Santa Claus. But package theft is rampant. Thieves are known to trail the delivery trucks and just pluck the packages off your doorstep like gifts for the taking. Even if many online sellers will refund your money, it’s a terrible inconvenience.

The problem even inspired one frustrated engineer to design the Glitter Bomb Trap that sprayed package thieves with glitter upon opening.

But there is an easier way to get revenge on package thieves — not let them be successful in the first place.

Smart Garage Doors to Prevent Package Theft

With a smart garage door opener, package theft can become a thing of the past. Wifi connected garage doors allow you to have remote access control to your garage door from any computer connection. Simply include instructions to the delivery driver to call your phone. And then you can give them remote access to your garage with the touch of a button. That way your package is safely inside your garage — waiting for you when you get home.