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Garage Door Repair DIY: When Does a Job Become Too Dangerous or Complicated?

It’s a question we get asked all the time when it comes to garage door repairs: Can I fix it myself? That depends. For many simple jobs, we totally encourage you to give it a shot. Installing a new opener, for example, isn’t too difficult with a few YouTube videos and some basic tools. Likewise, a door that’s come off its track just a little shouldn’t be too hard to solve. But if the track has warped or is ruined beyond repair, that’s a whole other matter. Then you probably do need the skills of a professional. Likewise, any repair job involving springs also should be done by a pro. The general rule of thumb is that anytime a repair seems beyond your skill level, confidence, and the tools you have a garage, give us a call. We’d love to give you some free advice or help in any way we can!