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Overhead Commercial Doors: How to Attract Customers With Style

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The importance that first impression of your business has cannot be overstated. What many consider small details such as your storefront door play a large role in how customers perceive your business, and decide whether or not to come in. They set the stage for your business.

The style of commercial doors you use then, need to be considered when coming up with plans for your property. Understanding their role and finding ways to leverage them for your advantage can give you an edge over competitors. Here are some tips on attracting customers with style using overhead commercial doors to improve the rest of your business’s look:

Make Your Storefront Catch The Eye

Whether it’s a bright color or a specific design, you want your storefront to jump out and bring attention to itself. The colors you use can help communicate what your business is about or what it sells. If your business sells children’s clothing, then a storefront that is mostly red and orange to reference the bold and bright colors of childhood might work. On the other hand, if you are a law firm, a commercial door with clear, darkly tinted windows, and has a serious or professional font might work best.

Overhead doors specifically work great for this, creating an interesting storefront that can be opened widely to welcome in any passersby. Think brewery or coffee shop, with a wide-open space during the summer or a large windowed-facade during the winter that allows you to see what’s going on inside.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light coming through the windows of your storefront can help brighten up the place and create a more inviting atmosphere for customers. It can also save on power bills, without the need to keep powerful artificial lighting going at all times.

 Clear windows that allow in sunlight can also help customers peak in from the sidewalk and appreciate the products or merchandise you have on display. This would allow you to also display living plants and flowers to add a warm aura to the place. 

Show off Your Best Merchandise

Whatever you’re selling, installing an overhead commercial door can show off your goods better than any other type of storefront door. By strategically placing the most interesting things in your store, bar, automobile dealership, or anything else it naturally draws customer’s attention to it. They work by framing the inside of your property, like a picture, enhancing the curb appeal. Try putting your highest quality or most popular products up front. Or, you could theme your windows or shelves to create a specific look and feel.

Display to the whole world what you’re offering and you’re bound to get people interested. Creating an inviting atmosphere and a setting that is comfortable for customers is key to success. With the right storefront, you can create the environment that will draw customers in and keep them coming back.

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