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Manual Garage Door vs. Installing an Automatic Opener: Factors to Consider

Thinking of upgrading from a manual garage door opener to an automatic? The reasoning is fairly simple — why wouldn’t you?

The answer to that of course is easy: Money. Most homes have automatic garage door openers, but a few older homes might still need to be opened manually. And naturally if you own an older garage door that doesn’t have an opener, installing an automatic opener can be pretty tempting. But the price probably stops you, or at least it has so far.

Not that the cost of installing a new garage door opener is that expensive. Garage door openers tend to range anywhere from $150 to $300, about your average price for a TV set these days. But it is an expense, and if you don’t use your garage that often, or don’t store your car inside, the price might not be the hottest item on your to-do list. But here are a few things to consider in the decision process.

A Garage Door Opener is an Investment in Equity

Installing a new garage door opener is an investment in the property value of your home. If you own your home, a new opener makes your property worth more. It has a high return on investment. So while it may cost you a couple hundred to do, that money isn’t flushed down the toilet. Your home will be worth more as a result.

An Opener is Much More Convenient

Even if you don’t store your car in your garage or use your door that often, you still use it. An opener is just convenient whether or not you use it every day. This is especially true if you’ve got kids who might not be strong enough to open the door. It’s an investment worth considering.

An Opener is Safer

An opener is simply much safer than opening the door manually, especially if you have children. When opening a door, a spring could snap and the door come crashing down. With an opener, you’re at least not under it as it opens. It’s much safer for everyone in the family.

Tips to Boost the Security of Your Overhead Garage Door

Looking to boost the security of your overhead door to your garage? Most people store highly valuable possessions in their garages — cars, sporting equipment, lawn and garden equipment, maybe a boat. It’s understandable that security would be a primary concern, especially in Elk Grove, California. For starters, you should install a camera system both on the outside and inside of your garage. And advertise that system with a warning sign. It’s also a good idea to keep your garage door opener on your keys, not in your car. If you park in the driveway with the opener inside, all it takes is a good size rock for a thief to invite himself inside to all your