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Give Yourself Peace of Mind with Enhanced Garage Door Security

in Garage Door Safety by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

By some measures nearly 10% of criminals will gain entry to a home through the garage door. While this is an unsettling statistic, thankfully there are several practical ways to increase the security of your garage door. And many are both economic and easy to implement. The garage door is the largest door in your home – and thus it should also be the most secure.

Monitor Your Fortress

By using smart garage technology, you can get alerts on your mobile device letting you know if someone opens it. While there may be a modest investment in this upgrade depending on how high-tech you go, this gives unrivaled peace of mind that your home is safe. If you are shopping around for similar upgrades, there are many options as well as expert help available.

Lights, Camera, Safety!

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. What deters criminals from watching you? You watching them. For a few dollars you can purchase and install motion-detecting floodlights or even modestly-priced security cameras.

Criminals Don’t Like Extra Locks

You have several options of additional locks on the outside of your garage. Get in touch with professionals in your area to go over the myriad of choices, but this is never a bad route to persue to enhance garage door safety.

Tids and Bits

Here is an assortment of other quite important things to consider.

It’s Worth it to Buy Quality Garage Door Parts

When we’re talking about operating and maintaining an often 150 lb.-plus garage door, it just makes good sense to invest in high quality garage door parts. While cost is so often indicative of quality and trust, we still need to rely on reviews and industry professionals to find the best parts. The most logical approach is to chat with local professionals that install all brands of parts for a living. They see what lasts, and what doesn’t. Why not ask them what they use in their home garage door system?