3 Ways to Protect Your Garage from Thieves

3 Ways to Protect Your Garage from Thieves

When most people think about securing a home, they think about better locks on the doors and windows. Few rarely think about the biggest entryway to their home — the garage door. Not only is it the largest door in the house, but it also stores thousands of dollars of equipment — tools, lawn mowers, sports equipment, cars and other valuables. Not only that, but the garage also provides burglary safe coverage to operate and gain access to the rest of your home.

Here are a few tips on how to better secure your garage door — and by extension your home as well.

Tint Your Windows

Many garage doors have windows that let in natural light but can also be enticing to thieves. Windows provide a view at the inventory. When choosing a new garage door to install, opt for one without windows. If your door already has windows, consider frosting or tinting the windows to obscure the view and protect your privacy.

Install a Motion Sensor

A motion sensor turns on your property lights if anyone comes near, scaring off potential thieves. Burglars always look for the easiest target — don’t give them the chance.

Invest in a Modern Garage Door

If you have an older door, you might consider investing in a new one. Modern doors are fortified with sturdier material designed to discourage thieves. They have better locking mechanisms and can be less prone to hacking. They have more secure locks.