Want to Relax & Party in Your Garage? A How-to Guide

Want to Relax & Party in Your Garage A How-to Guide

Want to Relax & Party in Your Garage? A How-to Guide

Want to Relax & Party in Your Garage A How-to GuideThe beauty of the family garage is it combines the best of the outdoors with an indoor climate you can control. With the upcoming spring and summer weather, garages are the perfect place to hang out — drink beer with friends, watch the game, provide a relaxing place to meditate, do yoga or work out. But most garages need a little help. Here’s how to turn your garage into a space you can relax and enjoy.

Garage Perks

The beauty of the garage is its off on its own. It’s the perfect place to get away from the kids and family life. It can be the perfect man cave, but women can also enjoy it too — if the interior is designed in a way that’s comfortable.

Cleaning & Organization

Naturally, the first place to start is cleaning and organizing your garage. Anything you need to store, put in crates or bins and stack in a neat and organized fashion. Get rid of any clutter or trash.

Add in some drywall to provide a more comfortable and livable feel that’s less like a garage. Japanese panel dividers provide a nice and affordable way to cover concrete walls for a more relaxed atmosphere. Framed posters or pictures can also add style.

Install Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl or tile flooring can make a garage seem less like a garage and more like a livable space. That’s key — it’s easier to keep clean, more relaxed, and more inviting to bare feet.

Add in a TV & Stereo System

You’ll want to rig your garage for entertainment. Install a flatscreen TV as well as a stereo surround sound system. Rig it so the sound is perfect. The advantage of the garage is you can play your favorite music or watch movies at full volume without disturbing the rest of the house.

Add in a Bar, Furniture, Tables

Install your own bar, complete with bar stools and furniture. If you are turning your garage into a home movie theater, couches are key. Add in a few standing tables — perfect for guests to put their drinks while watching the game.

Pay Attention to Your Garage Door

If you are going to use your garage as a livable space to relax, you want to be sure your garage door is in good shape. Insulation is key. You also want a door you can raise easily — this is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in your garage. If your door isn’t in the best shape, consider installing a new one. This can really add to the appeal and comfort of your garage.