Want More Use of Your Garage? 3 Ideas

Want More Use of Your Garage? 3 Ideas

Most people barely scratch the surface of their garage’s true potential. Some use it for storage — meaning it’s stacked to the ceiling with stuff they never use or really even need anymore. Others use a garage to secure vehicles, which we can’t argue with. But consider your garage is likely the biggest room in your house? Wouldn’t you like to get more use out of it? Here are 3 ideas to consider.

Gardening Station

If you love to garden, a garage is a great place to focus on starting plants that’s also out of the weather. Install a few shelves or platform tables to create your own gardening station. This way you can do a lot of the gardening basics without hurting your knees or back.

Yoga Studio

A garage is a great place for a yoga studio, exercise gym, or meditation hall. You’ll need to clean it up and install mats or vinyl flooring for comfort. You can also hide those ugly walls with soothing blinds. Install proper lighting. Put in exercise equipment, yoga balls, or a meditation pillow or chair.

Home Entertainment System

Install a home entertainment system. Include furniture, a widescreen TV, and a stereo system. Maybe install a mini fridge. In fact, installing an entire bar may be a great idea.

The beauty of creating an entertainment area in your garage is you can leave the door open during beautiful weather. This is a great way to enjoy summer.

Consider Installing an Insulated Door

Of course, if you are using your garage space more, you might want to consider installing an insulated garage door. This will make the garage more comfortable, especially in the hot summers of Elk Grove, California.