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Common Garage Door Parts Explained

You probably don’t think about the parts of your garage door very often — until something goes wrong. Most of us take our garage doors for granted. They work so smoothly we assume they will always continue to function in their prime. But it’s important to remember that garage doors are highly complicated pieces of equipment. Something will go wrong eventually. So it’s a good idea to understand how they function. Your springs are the metal coils that do the heavy lifting of your garage door. The tube shaft is directly above the door and holds the torsion springs in place so the tension in the springs can be transferred to the drum and raise the door. The drums are the parts of your garage door that sit on either end of the torsion bar. They spin as the door goes up and down, rolling the cables out. Running from the top to the bottom of the door, the lifting cables provide the connection to transfer the force of the spring so the garage door can go up and down.