Spring Cleaning! 5 Steps to an Immaculate Garage

Spring Cleaning! 5 Steps to an Immaculate Garage

Spring Cleaning 5 Steps to an Immaculate GarageIt’s spring — time to open the windows, shake off the dust, and get your fresh back on. What better place to start than in the garage? Spring in Rosedale, California is amazing and the garage is the best space in the home to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are 5 tips for spring cleaning your garage to create a clean, comfortable, and enjoyable outdoor living space.

1. Start with a plan.

Open that garage door, crack a nice cold beverage, and plot your plan of attack. (The soothing beverage will keep you from getting too overwhelmed. Trust us. It’s essential.) It’s easy to let the mess get away from you.

Start a cleaning checklist. It’s okay if you don’t get it all done in an afternoon. If it’s been a while, there’s good chance you’ll need to throw a lot of it out.

2. Create some empty space.

Start by clearing out the garage. Organize what you’ll keep in piles — like with like, especially when it comes down to function and utility. The important thing is to keep similar tools and sports equipment together so you’ll know where to find it. Hopefully it makes sense to you.

Start other piles for things you want to get rid of — a donation pile, an eBay or garage sale pile, a recycle pile, and a throw away pile and haul it to the curb as you go. Haul the recycle and the throw away piles to the curb as you go.

3. Sweep Out and Hose Down Your Garage

Next, take a broom and go to town on those dust bunnies. (A dust mask might be a good idea.) Hose down the floor and scrub with soapy water. Wipe down all surfaces with a rag. If your walls are drywall, go along the surface and corners with a broom to remove any dust and cobwebs.

4. Organize what you’ll keep into plastic storage bins.

Plastic bins are the only option to go if you want to protect your stuff. Cardboard boxes, grocery bags or trash bags expose your valuables to humidity, dust, and animals.

Label all totes clearly with a permanent marker. List all the contained items, especially the pieces you’ll likely need in a hurry — like camping equipment, games, or winter clothing.

Finally, stack all the totes in an organized fashion and keep in corners of the garage.

5. Inspect your garage door, components, and opener.

It’s always a good idea to give your garage door and components a visual inspection a couple of times a year. Make it a part of spring cleaning so it doesn’t fall to the wayside. Inspect the cables and springs for signs of rust, fraying or brittleness. Check your rollers and see if any need replace. Tighten down all nuts and bolts with a lug wrench. Old all moving components (especially the rollers and springs) with an approved garage door lubricant.