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Is Your Garage Door Warped in the Middle? You Might Be Able to Repair It

in Garage DIY Repair by Tom B

Is your garage door warped or bowing in the middle? This is a concern you need to fix. It’s obvious a sagging and bowing door is unsightly, but it’s more than just an aesthetic problem. It can seriously affect how your door opens and closes, and even ruin the track and other parts of the garage door if ignored. It can also burn out your garage door opener motor prematurely.

Let’s take a look at what’s causing your garage door to bend in the middle — and what you can do to repair it.

Why is Your Door Bowing?

Bowing is a type of warping that can occur across the surface of your garage door. It makes it look caved in and disheveled. It’s something you’ll notice immediately (and so will your neighbors). Not only is it unsightly, but a warped door can also be a heavy strain on your garage door opener.

Your door is bowing because of extreme changes in temperature. This happens a lot during the winter. The extreme changes in temperature can cause your door to warp. This usually happens with wooden doors, though in rare cases steel doors can have a similar issue. Steel doors tend to bow because the garage door opener is not strong enough to handle the weight of the door. An upgrade is usually necessary.

Yes, a Bowing Garage Door Can Be Repaired. Here’s How.

You can repair one or two bowing panels of a garage door by simply replacing them. It’s a more cost effective option than installing a new garage door. It’s a lot cheaper to replace a garage door panel than to replace the entire door.

But if your whole garage door is bowing, or it’s bowed so much you can’t open or close the door, your best option is to just install a new door.

The best way to avoid a bowing door in the future is to choose a steel or aluminum door and make sure your opener is powerful enough to handle the weight. Like the natural look of wood? No problem. You can still choose a steel door that has a wood grain finish that looks like real wood for all practical purposes (with none of the non-practical downsides of a wooden door).

Emergency Service for Overhead Garage Doors in Elk Grove

It never fails — your overhead commercial garage door breaks just as you’re closing up shop. You’re tired. You’ve been on your feet all day. All you really want to do is go home and Netflix and chill. It’s tempting to just make the door look like it’s properly closed and call it a night. But professional thieves are trained at spotting broken doors. They see it as an opportunity. After all, that’s your livelihood in that shop — literally hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory sitting inside. Don’t leave a broken door as an open invitation for thieves to break in and take it. Fortunately, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair service to the Elk Grove area. No matter the time of the night, we’ll get the issue taken care of quickly and properly. Then you can go home to that Netflix and beer in the fridge worry free, knowing that you did a job well done.