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How to Replace Your Garage Door Rollers

in Garage DIY Repair by elkgrovegaragedoorco

The garage door rollers are the wheels on the sides of the garage door that guide the door along the tracks as it opens and closes. Each hinge bracket has a mount for a roller. Occasionally, your rollers will wear out, crack and need to be replaced. This guide walks you through how to replace a broken roller on your garage door.

Replacing a Top Roller

First, disconnect your garage door opener from the door. Do this by pulling on the cord that hangs down above the door. Disconnect the power cord to your opener.

Next, unfasten the bolt that secures the top roller mount to the door with a socket set. Slide open the retainer bracket so the roller is attached to the mount.

Insert a brand new roller into the bracket. You can purchase them through most hardware stores or from a company that does professional garage door repair. Be sure to position the new roller at an angle and then slip the roller’s front edge into the track. Do this before rotating the axle toward the garage door. Align the bracket with the bolt that is on the mount.

Plug the opener back into the outlet. Run the opener until it reconnects to your garage door. Test the door and see if it opens and closes smoothly.

Replacing a Bottom Roller

Again, disconnect and unplug your garage door opener.

Place a C-clamp on the track on the side of the door opposite to the one you’ll be replacing the roller on. Locate the intersection of the vertical, straight track, and the 90-degree elbow section of the track beneath the damaged roller. Bend the curved lip part of the straight track area that is beneath the intersection.

Manually roll the door down until the roller centers into the broadest part of the channel’s bend. Next, place a screwdriver between the curved edge of the roller and the channel. Push the roller out of the track by prying on it with the screwdriver. Pull hard on the corner of the door inward until you see the roller clear the track.Slip the old roller off its axle mount. Slide the new roller on. Place the door back onto the track. Reconnect and plug in the opener and test the door.