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How to Remove Stubborn Garage Floor Stains

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When you’ve repaired garage doors for as long as we have, you know garages can become dirty little dungeons, especially when it comes to garage floors. If you store or repair cars in your garage, grease and oil stains can make a significant mess. That’s why it’s important to clean any stains as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, you can track it into the house. Grease and oil stains are hazardous — you can slip and fall.

There are a number of ways you can counteract stains in your garage. Here are a few approaches we’d suggest, depending on the staining agent.

Oil & Grease

Start by sprinkling sawdust or cat litter onto the stain to absorb the liquid. Let it soak up the mixture for an extended period of time. Make sure to use enough to completely absorb the stain. Then sweep it up and throw it away. Finally, wash what remains of the stain with water and dish soap. You may have to put in a little elbow grease. Of course, the older the stain, the tougher it will be to remove. That’s why we recommend tackling stains as soon as you notice them.


Paint stains can be difficult to remove, but if you are more stubborn than the paint, you can get the garage floor looking as good as new. Go at the dried stain with a putty knife to scrape away any loose paint that you can then sweep up. Pour some trisodium phosphate (TSP) on what remains of the stain and go at it with a wire brush. Always wear gloves for your own safety.


Rust stains are common because of all the tools, hammers, and nails that are used in a garage. Wash the stain in lemon juice. Coca Cola is also a good combination. Allow the mixture to sit on the rust stain for several minutes. Then scrub the stain with a brush. Finally, rinse the stain with a hose, or better yet, a high pressure washer. You may need to repeat this process several times.

But stains are like garage doors — sometimes they can be repaired, but eventually you’ll need to install a new one. If the stains in your garage prove too stubborn, you might consider replacing the garage door floor with a vinyl covering.

Why’s Your Garage Door Coming Off Track?

Why did your garage door come off track? Good question. Getting to the bottom of the problem is key to keeping it from happening again. One of the most common reasons for a garage door jumping the track is poor roller lubrication. Spraying an approved garage door oil (not WD40) across all the rollers will help. It’s also possible the tracks aren’t secured properly. Make sure the tracks are securely fastened to the wall. You might need to tighten the brackets. Your track might also be misaligned. This can be repaired by loosening the brackets, straightening out the track to a vertical position, and tightening the brackets again.