How to Disconnect Your Garage Door Opener & Manually Open Your Door

How to Disconnect Your Garage Door Opener & Manually Open Your Door

It’s been a long day when you return home. You’re tired and beat. You push the button on your garage door and nothing happens. Nada. Same with the wall switch. Your garage door opener won’t open. Maybe it needs to be repaired. In the meantime, you’ll need to open your garage door manually.

Accessing the Garage

Hopefully, you have another way into the garage besides the garage door — perhaps a second door, or perhaps you can enter the house through a front door and enter the garage from a door connected to the house, if your garage is attached to the house. Then disconnecting your garage door is easy. Otherwise, you may need to contact a professional to access your garage.

Disconnecting the Garage Door Opener

But if you can get inside your garage, disconnecting the garage door from the opener is fairly easy. Your garage door opener may have a bypass switch that will automatically disconnect the opener in case it needs repaired.

Even if it doesn’t, you can simply disconnect the door by pulling on the red emergency release cord that hangs overhead from the garage door trolley. This will disconnect the door from the trolley so it swings freely without the need for the opener.

To reconnect the opener, simply run the opener again and it will automatically reconnect.

Have You Considered Battery Backup for Your Garage Door Opener?

Hopefully, you have battery backup so your garage door opener is always accessible even during a power outage. It’s required on all doors installed in California after 2018, but it’s still a good idea no matter when your garage door opener was installed. It just ensures your garage door opener is always accessible, which is highly convenient whether there’s an emergency or routine power outage.

If you don’t have battery backup, you can buy a kit to install battery backup on any existing garage door. We’d be happy to help you install it. We do all sorts of garage door repairs and installations for the Elk Grove, California area.