Have a Warped Garage Door? Why You Need to Fix It

Have a Warped Garage Door? Why You Need to Fix It

Have a Warped Garage Door Why You Need to Fix ItWarped or bowing garage doors don’t just look bad. They’ll cause the whole structure of your door to malfunction and can cause serious damage to your tracks and other components.

You can easily spot a warped garage door. The surface of the garage has this sort of caved in look. It not only looks funny, but has a clunky moaning sound when you open it. That’s the sound of your door straining against and possibly damaging the tracks.

What Causes Your Door to Warp?

Wooden doors have a beautiful natural look. The catch is they are affected by changes in temperature. Extreme changes in hot and cold can cause the door to warp. Steel doors can sometimes warp, but it’s rare. That’s usually a sign the motor in your automatic opener isn’t strong enough for the weight of the door.

Will You Need to Replace a Warped Garage Door?

If it’s just one or two warped panels, you might get away with only replacing those panels. That will be a lot cheaper than replacing the entire door. Hopefully, the rest of the door is in a good enough condition that it blends well with the new panels.

But if the entire door is warping or the door strains against the frame, you might have to replace the entire door. Call your professional garage door repair company in Elk Grove for recommendations and estimates.