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Garage Door Spring Repair Should ONLY Be a Phone Call Away

in Garage DIY Repair by Elk Grove Garage Door Services

It goes without saying that the automatic garage door is one of the most convenient inventions we take for granted on a daily basis. While garage doors have been around since the inception of the vehicle, automatic overhead doors have only been around for the last few decades. Thanks to the garage door opener, the entire hundred-pound door can be lifted with grace, with you simply pushing a button to open or close it. 

And we really don’t think about these devices until issues pop up. Because of so many moving parts working together, it’s almost a guarantee that something will go wrong. Maybe your door goes off track, or the door opener itself starts malfunctioning. Whatever the issue is, there’s always a DIY solution that can have your overhead garage door opening in minutes. However, there’s one key garage door part that shouldn’t be missed with, and that’s the spring. 

Garage door spring repair should only be handled by professionals and experts. Read on to find out more about one of the most important garage door parts.

The Power of the Garage Door Spring 

Garage door springs are under incredible amounts of tension and are extremely sensitive. While you may feel inclined to fix any issues yourself, understand that if the spring snaps, it could result in bodily harm and a garage door to come crashing down. That’s not a risk worth taking, especially when there are trained professionals who garage door spring repair for a living. 

Making Your Springs Last longer

As a homeowner, you should pay specific attention to garage door springs when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. One of the best ways to know if your overhead door spring is in need of repair or replacement is to check for any signs of rust. Rust can reduce the power of the spring. The same goes for all metal parts of your garage door. To prevent rust, build up over time, use a garage door lubricant on all moving parts. Don’t use WD-40, it will effectively cause more rust to manifest. You should not ignore a rusty garage door spring. Call a technician as soon as you can for garage door spring replacement. 

On average, a garage door spring will last about 10,000 to 15,000 cycles. Each cycle equals to a door closing and opening. Consider how many times you open and close your door every day to get a better understanding of how far you are into the cycle. One of the best ways to extend your spring’s lifespan is to install another set of springs. Having a two-spring system will reduce the weight off of one spring, making it easier on the other. It’s a small garage door upgrade but one that will essentially stop the likelihood of future spring repairs. 

Buying New Springs

Garage door spring replacement can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Before you head to the hardware store, determine if your door sports torsion or extension springs. In most cases we recommend torsion springs as they last longer and are far stable than extension springs, which are notorious for being jittery. Unlike extension springs, torsion springs don’t expand and contract. Why is that important? Each time extension springs are used, they get a bit each weaker each time, which puts extra strain on other garage door parts, which then leads to further, unnecessary wear and tear. If you currently have an extension spring system, a garage door installation company will be happy to do the upgrade for you.

In almost all cases, garage door spring replacement and repair should be done by verified, quality companies. Never try and do repair yourself if you don’t want to deal with a broken garage door.  

Get Your Storefront Door Repaired Quickly!

Of course, serious damage to your storefront door can make it difficult to access your business. However, depending on the damage it can also cause additional problems such as fire code violations and weather leaks for your business. First, assess the extent of damage. Repairs for commercial doors can include new hardware, hinges, or even replacing your entire door dependent on the exact scope of the damage. If you find that your door has been pushed in or broken off its hinges, you need to act quickly before the weather turns. Rusty stains or puddles near your door are signs water may have gotten inside your store. If you don’t have the equipment or skills needed for a full repair immediately, contact a commercial door repair professional.