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Garage Door Inspection Explained

in Garage Maintenance by elkgrovegaragedoorco

As a homeowner, you naturally pay close attention to your home. Property is an investment that you need to take care of in order to get the most value from it. A garage door is no different –  it’s a highly complex mechanical device that you use several times a day, virtually a thousand times a year. Ensuring that your garage door is working in top condition lowers your overall cost for repairs. It’s a great way to get the most value for your garage door.

That’s why we recommend regular garage door inspections just to ensure everything is in fine working order. It’s a good idea to have a professional inspect your door at least once per year. This way, you can take a proactive approach to repair and not be stuck with a garage door that suddenly doesn’t function early in the morning when you’re on your way to work.

Look at the Door Panels

You should take a close look at the panels of your garage door. Does the door move without resistance? Is the door free of obstacles? Does it hang in an open position easily?

Listen to Your Garage Door

Run your garage door and take a close listen. Is it noisy? Does it seem to stick in any particular location? Does it run up and down smoothly?

If your door is noisy, you might consider taking an approved garage door lubricant to all moving parts. Avoid using WD40 as this can cause the parts of your garage door to prematurely rust. You should also take a lug wrench and tighten down any loose bolts. This can help to quiet the rattle.

Pay Attention to Your Garage Door Opener

How’s your garage door opener working? Does it struggle in any particular spot? Does the motor seem to be functioning well? Does the wall switch and the opener respond to command?

Motors will occasionally burn out and need replacing. If there’s a whirring sound but the opener isn’t doing anything, this is a sign of a burned out motor. You can purchase a new motor that corresponds to the model of your garage door opener and replace it. We’d also be happy to come out and take a look.

The Secret to a Quiet Garage Door

An overhead garage door that grinds, squeals and rattles can get on your nerves. Sometimes, it seems you can hear the garage door in every corner of the house. The good news is this situation is easily fixable. The first step to a quieter garage door is to tighten down the nuts and the bolts on the door and the track. This is where much of the rattle is coming from. Everything should be nice and snug — tight, but not too tight. Next, make sure the garage door is well lubricated. Spray down all moving parts with an approved garage door lubricant (never WD40 which can cause the parts of your garage door to permanently rust). Inspect the rollers and replace any that are falling apart. By maintaining your garage door on a regular basis, you can ensure peace and quiet with a smooth opening door.