Extension Spring to Torsion Spring Extension: a Step by Step Guide

Extension Spring to Torsion Spring Extension: a Step by Step Guide


It is possible to convert extension springs to torsion springs on your garage door. We don’t recommend you do this repair yourself. These springs are under incredible tension and can cause serious bodily injury if suddenly release. You can convert the springs for about $300 to $400. Here is the repair in a nutshell.

Again, these springs are extremely dangerous. Always wear thick gloves and eyewear when handling springs. Make sure the motor has been unplugged.

Most likely your garage door probably already has torsion springs. They are the most common. Torsion springs are used on older doors or when space issues present a problem.

Why Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs have a number of advantages over extension springs. These springs have fewer parts. They provide greater control and have better movement. Torsion springs tend to last longer and are safer if they break.

Extension springs, however, are best if you have limited space for movement.

Remove the Springs

Open the door in a fixed position. This will release the tension on the spring. Disconnect the opener from the door and remove the safety cable. Carefully remove the torsion spring. Close the door slowly.

Installing the New Spring

Measure the length of your spring. Place a vice grip on the track a few inches above a roller. This is a safety precaution. Attach the new spring. Tighten it down. Reengage the door.

Consider Calling a Professional

Be safe and call a professional. Our technicians have the right tools as well as the training to do the job safely. While this job can be done yourself, it is dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities. Call a professional could save your life, or at least your Saturday afternoon.