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A Guide to Choosing the Right Color for a New Garage Door

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When choosing a new garage door, style and appeal mean everything. After all, the garage door is the largest front facing feature on your house. You want it to look good after all. That’s why choosing the right color is so important. It should not be a haphazard decision. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the right color for your new garage door.

What’s the Most Popular Garage Door Color?

By far, white is the most popular color. It’s easy to see why. White gives your home a clean, inviting shade. It also goes with nearly any color of house. But just because it’s the most popular option doesn’t mean it’s for you. If you want to go bold with a more creative choice, be our guest. It can help you stand out in the neighborhood for all the right reasons.

Other Colors to Choose From

If you’re not interested in white, there are numerous colors to choose from. Neutral shades like light gray or brown are popular because they mix in well with so many other colors. Black and beige offer a nice color variety without being too bold.

But there’s no rule against going with a bright, bold color. This is Elk Grove, California. People like a little pizazz.

Consider Other Features of Your Home

Whatever color you choose, it’s important that the color of your garage blends in well with the rest of the colors of your house. That’s why it’s a good idea for the trim, front door and garage door to match — or at least share colors that complement each other well.

The Importance of a Good Looking Garage Door

Obviously, you want your garage door to look beautiful and improve the aesthetics of the rest of the house. But keep in mind this is more than just a visual thing. The look of a garage door plays a big role in house appraisal. The better your garage looks, the more your home will be worth. Choose carefully. The worth of your property is on the line.

Why Springs Are Never a DIY Garage Door Repair

If your garage door opens a little bit and then immediately closes, you’ve likely got a bad spring that needs to be replaced. You can expect a garage door spring to last about 3 years, depending on how often it needs to be replaced. Keep in mind that springs are a repair for your garage door you should never do yourself. They are just too dangerous. One snap of your springs can easily send you to the hospital. Those springs are under an incredible amount of tension — they are the reason your hundred pound plus garage door lifts as light as a feather. You should hire a garage door repair professional for spring repair. They have the proper tools, equipment and expertise to be able to do the job safely and effectively.