4 Signs You Need to Redo Your Garage door Bottom Seal

4 Signs You Need to Redo Your Garage door Bottom Seal

Most people don’t think about the weatherstripping on the bottom of their garage door. In fact, 9 out of 10 homeowners don’t even know it’s there. But weatherstripping, also known as your garage door bottom seal, plays a very important function in keeping out dirt, water, and other debris, especially during those heavy winter rains we get in Elk Grove, California. Your garage door bottom seal can also prevent pests from getting into your garage.

But like all materials, weatherstripping will wear out overtime and need replaced. Here are 4 signs it may be time to replace your weatherstripping.

Your Weatherstripping is Obviously Worn Out

It’s a good idea to periodically inspect your weatherstripping. Look for areas in the rubber that are worn, cracked or missing.

Leaves, Dirt & Water Get into the Garage

If you’re finding a lot of leaves and dirt in your garage, it’s probably because your weatherstripping is worn out. This is true if your door is closed for the most part. This stuff will sweep in during heavy storms. In addition to a dirty garage, it can lead to other problems.

Your Garage is Drafty

If you notice a draftiness in your garage, it may be the weatherstripping. Some drafts in your garage are normal, depending on how insulated your garage is. But if it suddenly becomes draftier than usual, take a look at the weatherstripping.

Pests are Getting In

Your garage door bottom seal keeps out not only dirt and water, but pests and critters as well. Mice and rats can squeeze in under the bottom of the door if parts of your weatherstripping are missing. This can lead to an infestation that may require an exterminator.

How to Replace Your Garage Door Bottom Seal

Replacing your garage door bottom definitely falls in the DIY category of garage door repair. You can buy the weatherstripping at most hardware stores. Remove the old one by unscrewing the screws or brackets holding it in place. Slide the new one on and resecure. This job usually takes no more than an hour or two to complete.