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4 Easy Garage Door Improvements to Boost Property Value

in Garage DIY Repair by Tom B

Thinking about a home renovation? Your garage door is a great place to start. It’s likely the largest forward facing feature of your home. In fact, your garage door is pretty much where curb appeal begins. It has a huge impact on your property value. And while installing a new garage door is always a good idea (it has the highest return on investments for all home improvements), renovating your garage door is more affordable and has similarly great ROI benefits.

So here are a few simple and affordable ways you can renovate your garage door and improve your property value at the same time. Many of these are easy DIY garage door repairs — or you could always call a professional garage door company and save time. We serve the Elk Grove and Greater Sacramento areas!

New Paint or Stain Job

A simple paint job can greatly improve your garage door’s appearance. If you have a wooden door, a stain job works just as well.

Start by cleaning your door thoroughly. A power washer works great on grime, molds, and dirt. You might go the extra mile and use sponges, rags, and maybe a brush and plenty of soap to really scrub the dirt away. Apply paint or gel to your doors section by section. Allow to dry for a few hours. Add another coat if needed.

Accessorize Your Doors

Another great way to improve the look of your garage door is to accessorize your door with decorative details or features. Add designs or artwork to embellish the door with style. Implement different styles of hardware such as iron or brass handles and other gear. Add panel overlays to give your door a sense of dimension.

Add in a New Lighting System

Improving your lighting is another way to give your garage door a makeover. Brighter lights add a sense of style as well as improve the security of your home. You may even be able to ask your insurance company for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Install a Smart Garage Door

This doesn’t exactly give your door a makeover but it does improve its function and likewise your home’s property value. A smart garage door connects your door to WiFi so you can control and access your door with any phone or computer connected to a WiFi connection. Remote access provide security and convenience, as well as helps protect against package theft.

What’s the Best Garage Door Repair? A Brief Checklist

What’s the best garage door repair company in Elk Grove? Easy. The one you can trust. But finding a reliable repair service is easier said than done. The first place to start is your friends, neighbors, and family who own homes. They’ve probably have some experience handling garage door repair. Whom do they trust in Sacramento, California? What were their experiences? Make sure any company you select is fully insured and hires only trained and certified workers. They should guarantee all their work and have a solid reputation online, especially when it comes to reviews and testimonials. They should also have a local physical presence in the community. Offering 24/7 emergency garage door repair is key as well.